Joe Diliberto


Welcome To Rocktavia - LP (2021)
I'll Fly Away - Single (2020)
I Can Live - Single (2020)
Decent Hearted Man -
Single (2020)




Will Dickerson is a native New Orleans singer/songwriter & guitarist. The youngest in a family of musicians, Dickerson grew up backstage in New Orleans’s vibrant music scene and culture. His father played in a band with Harold Brown (founding member of WAR), with whom he also co-founded a local, independent record label. Throughout his 20s, Will Dickerson performed regularly on international cruise ships and at clubs on New Orleans’ famed Bourbon St. Currently, he maintains several weekly and monthly performance residencies throughout the New Orleans area: primarily playing at clubs on Frenchmen St., Uptown and around the French Quarter. However, he also plays private events and functions, as well. He uses this unique experience and understanding of the artistic and cultural sides of music to write songs that are refreshingly creative and enthusiastic.

Will’s sound and style are inspired by several legendary rock artists, including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. Though the bulk of Will Dickerson’s career is centered around his one-man-band solo act (utilizing live loops created in real time and then trading solos with himself on multiple instruments), he is often accompanied by his band, The Octavians.

Whether solo or with The Octavians, Will Dickerson provides a bluesy, funky and soulful musical experience that is undeniably informed by classic Rock n Roll and he is an artist you do NOT want to miss.

“Music is the voice of human emotion and with my music I just want to lend a voice for anyone who feels like words are never enough.” -Will Dickerson-